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 the absence of spring...
written and directed by Joe Calarco


Photos from the absence of spring... N.Y. Premiere

Cast: Lizzy Cooper Davis, Gene Farber, Michelle Federer,
Minda Harden, Sophie Hayden, Trevor Oswalt, Chris Stak

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l-r: Harden, Federer, Davis, Farber, Hayden, Stak, Oswalt

l-r: Harden, Federer, Davis, Farber, Hayden, Stak, Oswalt
l-r: Davis, Stak l-r: Federer, Stak, Farber, Oswalt, Davis, Harden
l-r: Oswalt, Hayden l-r: Oswalt, Hayden
Hayden Photo: Joan Marcus.  l-r: Stak, Federer
l-r: Davis, Hayden l-r: Davis, Federer, Farber, Oswalt the absence of spring... World Premiere, VA

Cast: Susannah Berrymann, Tim Getman, Michael Glenn,
Minda Harden, Vanessa Jennings Lock, Erik Sorensen
Photos: Carol Rosegg



"Mr. Calarco, as both writer and director has a keen sense of dramatic encounters that are both funny and ominous. He has also created memorable characters, impressively developed by this cast. "
D.J.R. Bruckner, The New York Times



"A vivid portrait of seven lives bound together by the residual grief of one tragic event. Touching and poignant. Calarco has crafted some intriguing characters and has an ear for naturalistic dialogue that is both savvy and witty. "



"Calarco directs his script with economical élan. This is the rare play where the gay and straight relationships are given equal opportunities for romance and disarray."
Alexis Soloski, Time Out New York





"Calarco demonstrates his incredible theatrical talent. The performances are powerful and bold as befitting the play. Signature Theater should be congratulated and praised for providing resources for these kinds of scripts and productions that stretch the boundaries of contemporary theater."
Roger Meersman, The Journal Papers


"Intoxicating….brilliantly staged… a thoughtful and intense examination of how people react to loss and gather the energy to surpass tragedy and carry on with their lives."
— Gail Choochan, Potomac News


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