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by Julia Jordan


Primary Stages, NYC



Photos from Boy

photography: Wit McKay

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Kelly AuCoin, Miriam Shor 
T.R. Knight, Robert Hogan
Kelly AuCoin, Robert Hogan, Caitlin O'Connell
"'Boy' is sensitively and humorously directed by Joe Calarco, the magical adapter/director of 'Shakespeare's R&J.' He pulls these eccentric characters to the center of the stage and lets them rip."
NY Post


"Ms. Jordan's dialogue sounds like real conversation, and each character has a particular rhythm and vocabulary. It is like a serial novel. The narrative focus keeps changing, each scene is a cliffhanger and each character has a secret, and the director, Joe Calarco, notches the tension up bit by bit."
The New York Times


"This is an intelligent and intriguing work Directed with clarity and swiftness by Joe Calarco."


"Haunting. Disturbing and sharp."
The New Yorker


"'Boy' is one of the best yet from the young Jordan and may be the most encompassing and compelling of her works. She paints rich portraits. 'Boy' will keep audiences enthralled and provide quite a bit to think about. The play is well directed by Joe Calarco."
Associated Press


"A quiet, beautiful play. Director Joe Calarco, apparently perfectly in tune with Jordan's rhythms and ideas, does his part in keeping the staging clear and the pace up."
Talkin' Broadway


"An intelligent, savvy, and engaging drama. The ensemble cast, under the taut direction of Joe Calarco, is excellent."


"Director Joe Calarco has not only tapped into the nuances of the plot but done so with a good deal of suspense."
Curtain Up



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