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A Midsummer Night's Dream
by William Shakespeare, as adapted by Joe Calarco


The Shakespeare Theatre, Washington D.C.



photos by Mike Fagin

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l-r: Tricia Paoluccio, Floyd King
The Company

"Magical. The play looks brand new, beautiful and sexy in the hands of adapter-director Joe Calarco. This audacious and magnificent Calarco production is by far the most entertaining A Midsummer Night’s Dream I have ever seen."
Donald Lyons, The New York Post


"Go to the Shakespeare Theatre and revel in a magical, fantastical, theatrically-inspired world---an earth-freeing flight of extraordinary creative and artistic imagination. Director Joe Calarco is an extraordinary talent."
Roger Meersman, Journal Newspapers


"Calarco’s happily sex-crazed Dream has a surrealist, Felliniesque aesthetic…poetic and entertaining."
Bob Mondello, Washington City Paper


"Magnificent. Truly Spectacular. A highlight of the current season. See it!"
Bob Davis, WGMS 103.5


"Gorgeous. A rollicking good time."
Leslie Milk, The Washingtonian


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