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The Mistress Cycle
book and lyrics by Beth Blatt, music by Jenny Giering


The Lion @ Theatre Row, New York, New York
World Premiere



Photos from
The Mistress Cycle

Cast:  Stephanie Bast, Mary Bond
Davis, Lisa Brescia, Sally Wilfert,
Lynne Wintersteller

All photos © 2005 Bruce Glikas

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Are You Me? 
The Incandescent Trapeze
One In A Line
This Is How It Starts
Half A Bowl


"The most positive buzz seems to center on The Mistress Cycle. Its powerful NYMF production feels ready for a transfer. Plus, it's the kind of morally challenging, aesthetically accomplished work that could thrive with auds who don't need to feel good to enjoy musical theater."

"…an extraordinary and exquisite chamber musical… a beguiling piece of musical theatre… The cast, under Joe Calarco's fluid and sympathetic direction, is exceptional."

"Captivating. Joe Calarco's direction, which centers on highlighting the sisterhood the women share, makes full use of Michael Fagin's sumptuous scenery, Anne Kennedy's alluring costumes, and Chris Lee's piercing lighting."

"The five actresses are simply stellar. As we get deeper into the entwined lives of these characters, The Mistress Cycle blossoms."

"Giering's music is evocative and lovely, and director Joe Calarco creatively keeps things moving. The stories in the songs are engagingly conceived and performed."

"Joe Calarco's intelligent direction inventively weaves together the five tales, passing the story baton from one woman to the next. Set designer Michael Fagin and lighting designer Chris Lee have created an intimate environment. From the sumptuous set to the 'character' chandeliers, Fagin and Lee add richness and depth."
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