, Joe Calarco, Writer/Director, SSDC

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adaptation and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, music by Frederick Loewe


Hangar Theatre, Ithaca, NY



photos by: Thomas Hoebbel

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  Stacie Lewis, T. Scott Cunningham
Stacie Lewis
Stacie Lewis, Sean MacLaughlin
T. Scott Cunningham
Sean MacLaughlin, Greg Bostwick
Stacie Lewis, T. Scott Cunningham
T. Scott Cunningham, Stacie Lewis
"Joe Calarco and his splendid ensemble have created a version so fresh it startles. The familiar story becomes so compelling that when characters break into song, it's not theatrical convention so much as natural expressiveness. Calarco's rambunctious staging perches the cast atop furniture as often as lounging with abandon. Joyous, lively, and intellectually engaging, this is also a visual feast. Anna Louizos' set is exquisite; Chris Lee's stunning lighting design sculpts it, swaying our attention and emotions as the action demands. Amela Baksic's elegant costumes all handsomely riff on the theme of white with hints of cream, ecru, grey, and blush pink. In delicious contrast, this near-perfect world is inhabited by flesh-and-blood people, not stereotypes. Stacie Lewis is feisty, clever, and vocally thrilling; T. Scott Cunningham is youthfully modern, endlessly exasperating, and all man. These leads are luminous; Calarco's vision exhilarating."
Ithaca Times.


"For those of us who have lived with the Lerner & Loewe classic all our adult lives, it restores luster to the jewel the show still is."
Syracuse New Times.


"If you haven't already purchased tickets for 'My Fair Lady,' you should stop reading this and call the box office now. Once the word gets out, tickets will be hard to come by. The overall effect of this production is a heightened intimacy and involvement with the characters that would otherwise be lost. . No matter how many productions of 'My Fair Lady' you may have seen before this fresh look at a musical theater classic will surprise you."
Ithaca Journal


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