, Joe Calarco, Writer/Director, SSDC

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written by Norman Allen


Signature Theatre, VA

winner of FOUR 1999 Helen Hayes Awards
including Best Director and Best Production of a Play



photos from the 2003 Berkshire Theatre
Festival production


Arlington, VA

"…theatrically luxuriant… superbly put together."
Lloyd Rose, The Washington Post


Bob Mondello, The Washington City Paper


"This is quite an evening of theatre drama! See it!"
Bob Davis, WGMS 103.5


"Theatre doesn’t get any better than this."
Bob Anthony

"The wonder of Nijinsky's Last Dance lies in its integrated use of set design, lights, color, and sound. All these elements are brought together ably by director Joe Calarco. He has hit just the right note in every aspect of the show. It is a terrific demonstration of how the raw elements of theatre can work in concert -- how theatre is a collaborative art in which the whole is far more than the sum of its parts."
Metro Herald


"Gripping and heart-racing. The one-person show has rarely seemed so interactive and true. "Nijinsky's Last Dance," appropriately, is an irresistible invitation to roam in a conscious dreamscape, where in your seats you curse gravity for keeping you at bay."
The GW Paper


It is likely the best take on Nijinsky we've seen so far. Davidson's performance is masterful.
Curtain Up



"Director Joe Calarco's admirable staging is played out on a bare platform. With highly imaginative input from set designer Michael Fagin and lighting designer Daniel MacLean Wagner, the production seamlessly embraces a wide world of milieus visited by Nijinsky. Every element of this Nijinsky's Last Dance is superbly accomplished."
— Variety


"Nijinsky's Last Dance is an amazing stage work and goes far beyond the limits of a solo performance. Davidson, who claims to be an actor not a dancer, dances, even in repose. His is an astonishing performance, troubling, mercurial, nuanced, that breaks the heart with its terrible talent and its tortured grief. As an audience member it is impossible not to become involved. This is a rare experience. Go."


of the original Signature Theatre Production

"Incandescent! This seamless melding of material and collaborators, holds such sway and power over the audience that you feel you are basking in the heart and soul of Nijinsky. In less than 90 minutes, you not only forget yourself, you leave yourself. Director Joe Calarco could make this a tour-de-force solo performance (and, in a way, it is), but the combination of lighting, music, sound effects and setting allow for a richer sensory experience. The high standards from the 1998 productions have been maintained, and perhaps even surpassed in this revival."
— Washington Times

"The magical collaboration of author, actor, director, choreographer, set, sound, costume and lighting designers which made the one-act experience of the life of a legendary dancer, the late Vaslav Nijinsky, one of the strongest single evenings in years of theatergoing has been recreated and the magic is still there."
— Potomac Stages


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