, Joe Calarco, Writer/Director, SSDC

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Side Show
book and lyrics by Bill Russell, music by Henry Krieger


Signature Theatre Company, Arlington, VA

winner of
FOUR 2000 Helen Hayes Awards
including Best Director and Best Production of a Musical



Photos from Side Show

Cast:  Michael J. Bobbitt, Matt Bogart, Ryan Duncan,
Sherri Edelen, Daniel Felton, Lynn Filusch, Will
Gartshore, Amy Goldberger, Ty Hreben, Tracy
McMullan, Donna Migliaccio, Tracy Olivera, Mary
Jane Raleigh, Michael Sharp, P.J. Simmons, Eric
Jordan Young

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The Company 
The Company 
Eric Jordan Young
Amy Goldberger, Matt Bogart
l-r: Amy Goldberger, Sherri L. Edelen
Sherri L. Edelen


"Remarkable….in Calarco’s hands Side Show is transformed into an erotic fairy tale about the failure of love. The whole production is sensually charged—beautiful and seedy, attractive and repellent at once."
Lloyd Rose, The Washington Post


"Four stars. Extraordinary. A thrilling musical that director Joe Calarco imbues with a haunting erotic charge and a disturbing churn of emotions. Mr. Calarco presents the musical as a whirling, almost hallucinogenic once-upon-a-time for adults. A piercing experience."
Jayne Blanchard, The Washington Times


"Four stars. Amazing."
Roger Meersman, The Journal Papers:


"Head and shoulders better than the Broadway version. While many talented people should share in the praise, it is director Joe Calarco who must be singled out. An absorbing and thrilling evening that sends the spirit soaring."
Musical Stages Online


"Gorgeously sung and acted. The audience greeted Side Show about as warmly as any producer might wish. The audience leapt to its feet with a full-throated roar at the curtain call and appeared willing to applaud for as long as the cast was willing to bow."
Bob Mondello, The Washington City Paper


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