, Joe Calarco, Writer/Director, SSDC

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book and lyrics by Greg Kotis, music and lyrics by Mark Hollman

Winner of a record 8 Helen Hayes Awards including Best Director and Best Musical!


Signature Theatre, Arlington, VA



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Cast: Antony Aloise, Chris Bloch,
Michael Bunce, Evan Casey, Steven
Cupo, Erin Driscoll, Sherri Edelen,
Eleasha Gamble, Will Gartshore, Amy
McWilliams, Donna Migliaccio, Phil
Olejack, Jeffery Peterson, Stephen
Schmidt, Tom Simpson, and Jenna

All photos © 2005 Carol Pratt

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"Tighter and funnier than the New York original."
Peter Marks, The Washington Post

"Even those with an average knowledge of musical theater will find plenty to howl over in Mr. Calarco's ravenously innovative approach to the show."
The Washington Times

"Hilarious. Signature’s production serves up style and precision and commitment by the bowlful. Calarco comes at the show with an obsessive’s appetite for detail—it’s the clean, crisp execution of his jokes, as much as their cleverness, that makes the evening—and a master parodist’s instinct for both the epic and the absurd."
The Washington City Paper

"Joe Calarco’s production at Signature is a joyous whiz. This is a director who has never been pee shy, so to speak, and he pulls out the stops with a gusto tantamount to a tornado slamming into Kansas and sweeping Dorothy and her dog and Auntie Em and everyone else in the state into another world. The show is as broad as a barn and as delicately nuanced as a fine oil painting. That's a hard balance to achieve, and yet Calarco pulls it off, thanks to a clear sense of vision -- he knows exactly what he wants out of this show and he delivers."
Metro Weekly

"Director Joe Calarco and a uniformly strong cast place their own stamp on the satiric musical. The entertainment never lets up."

"Better than the Broadway original."
Potomac Stages

"Director Joe Calarco has pulled an extremely strong cast together for a fast-paced two and a half hour musical that is fun, witty and charming."
Curtain Up

"An exhilaratingly fun production. Features a first-class production team and an amazing 16-person cast. Calarco’s very confident staging crams Signature’s intimate space with big song and dance numbers as well as corny, but delightful, comedic bits. It’s a winning approach."
Washington Blade

"Even more fun than it was in New York."
Arlington Connection

"Dazzing. A Tremendous production."
All Arts


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